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Charter School Faculty and Staff

Teachers, administrators, and staff can now benefit from fully online, advanced education degree programs specifically focused on the needs and perspectives of charter school professionals. Choose from a number of in-demand graduate degrees from traditional accredited, nonprofit universities:

  • A number of degree programs can lead to initial teaching licensure or additional endorsements helping to satisfy many state mandated requirements for charter school teachers
  • Select from dozens of M.Ed. choices and concentrations including one-year online master’s degrees and NCATE-accredited programs
  • Fully online doctorate programs let you earn a rigorous Ed.D that emphasizes leadership and business management

Now you can keep your job as you earn your degree, all while furthering your career! All online graduate programs are designed for working charter school teachers just like you.

Scholarships Available

As a charter school employee, you can receive scholarships and other offers to help you earn your career-enhancing graduate degree.

Simply select your location and school to find out which programs and scholarships are available to you.

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